Thursday, October 19, 2006

God Bless Them Forever!

I was just reading Phil Togwell's reflections on his time in New Zealand with Pete Greig and the NZ Salvation Army. (You can follow the link on the right to Toggie, if you like.)

One of the things he most enjoyed was...

"experiencing so much of what is wonderful about the Salvation Army... their outrageous generosity, their whole-hearted devotion to Jesus, their commitment to the poor, their focus on mission (more than meetings!), their willingness to 'go' (and reluctance to 'stay'), their trust in godly leadership, their purpose - *caring for people, transforming lives, reforming society*"

Doesn't that just make you want to jump up and dance??

God bless the Salvation Army!


jenelle said...

and God bless you! on your birthday today! ...and we all thought the Salvation army just rang bells at Christmas time.

jesse said...

hey mom! love you so much! i just wanted to say again happy birthday. i love you so so so much!
it was nice having lunch with you. though a birthday didnt feel complete without tea. hope you guys had it!
see you at thanksgiving!!!!!!
(wow that seems like a while!)

lisa said...

I'm missing the two of you, Nelly and Jesse :-(