Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trevor Makes Me Cry

Trevor plays the guitar and writes songs that make me cry.

I've wanted to post his song about leaving Portugal but it's hard to know when I'm being an annoying mum and when it's ok to share this kind of thing.

Jenelle stayed with us for a little more than 2 weeks during our last days there. They were her final days there as well. Since she has spoken of this particular song on her blog, I will just send you over to her's to hear it. Look for her post called Sunsets Say Goodbye.

It's a song about transiton... change. I have to admit, I'm proud to be the mother of this boy.

Listen to song here


shelley said...

Okay, I listened to the song...I'm a little teary. Tell Trevor he rocks. Hugs, Shelley

Linda said...

His song made me cry too- and I am only a distant friend- I can't imagine what it is like to listen to this song as a mother! I can't stop listening to it and thinking about that "young boy" that we left in Portugal playing on his guitar in your living room. God has gifted him in music and it is so amazing to hear how far he has come! And the words... oh the words... they hit home about the sea of change...

jenelle said...

why doesn't he have his own Myspace music yet? do we need to pester him?

Skyler said...

That's an incredible song!!! Even i got a bit teary-eyed.