Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Knee Makes Noises

My right knee makes a noise. My right knee, along with the rest of me, is just about to turn 44. I noticed the noise just a couple of years ago while hiking around the cliffs of the Algarve. There's no pain, just a sound like muffled velcro being pulled apart very briefly.

I mentioned this to one of my (many) chiropractor friends. He said, "Oh that's called blah blah blah blah decrepitous." He didn't really say the blah blah blah part. I don't remember what fancy term he used. I just remember VERY CLEARLY that it ended with the word DECREPITOUS.

I am so offended by this term! Why are we constantly being reminded that we are going down hill? Why, I wonder, can't the medical world give kind titles that reflect our station in life? For instance, why can't the condition that produces this weird crinkly noise in my knee be called The State of a Knee in a Person Who Has Gained Valuable Wisdom and Insight Through Living a Respectable Number of Years?

Just writing out my new name for this sorry knee condition has made me feel better about it already :-)


Rebecca said...

I remember Sophie Loren making a statement about how older women should not groan when they try (with sometimes some difficulty) to stand up after reclining in a chair for a little too long. I try to remember that but do not always suceed!
I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to the accounts of when you are back to Africa.

baba said...

44 sounds like a good number :-)
don't worry...I have noises in both my knees since I remember myself :-)...
Love you Lisa!!!

jenelle said...

Lisa! Did I miss your birthday? When is your birthday? Oh dear! Help me I'm a wreck.

I just put Trevor's Sunset song on my snoop bloggy blog.

lisa said...

No, Nelly, you didn't miss my bday. It's the 22nd. Oh but that song! It's enough to finish me.