Friday, November 03, 2006

The Kind of Water That Quenches Your Thirst

Colin's got this thing about how some water doesn't really work. He'll say, "It was that kind of water that, you know, just makes you more thirsty." I think it's some kind of really minerally water that he's talking about.

I was driving around today (don't ask how we ended up all over the greater Los Angeles area on our way to the airport to get my parents who flew in from Hong Kong) and I was thinking about water that doesn't work.

Jesus told the woman at the well that he could give her water that would make her never be thirsty again. That sounds like water that works to me.

But I was wondering if I really help people find that source. Do I say, "I know some really good water that you'll love" but then model living a life that actually isn't drawing from that source much at all? Am I a sometimes visitor at the well of really good water while surviving in the between times on some little canteen of dorky water?

My mind is kind of spinning around (partly cuz I'm tired) with different ways this metaphor could unfold. I don't think I will belabor the point.

I'm just thinking today about wanting be filled with the really good water. I don't want to be handing out cups of counterfeit water. Or even cups of pretty good water. I want to drink the good stuff. The life giving, no more thirst stuff. And I want to fill great pitchers of that and share it with those around me.


relevantgirl said...


You are an encouragement me on many levels. I admire your heart, your desire to worship Jesus, the way you weave beauty with your words. But mostly I long for the day I can love people the way you do. I love that. I appreciate that. You've been a mentor from afar. I just wanted to let you know that today.

Baba said...

Well, as far as I know you, you are pretty good leading others to that water that works... :-)
Love you Lisa...
I'm having a little time at a cafe with wireless internet :-)...
and I already saw the post about my birthday, so I'm gonna read it now... Thanks by the way !!!