Saturday, November 18, 2006

Love Drugs

I got this great mail from Jesse about love drugs. Thought others might enjoy it...

hey mom and dad!

well i had an incredible bio lab today!
i really just want to call you and tell you all about it, but you are
not in the country.

basically we talked about how humans are completely unique from
all other creatures. and we talked about the discovery of a
certain chemical that is the cause of the feelings of love! it is a chemical that causes all those speechless-tongue tied-can't-
sleep-scared-floating-exhilarating love feelings. and it is seen to
disappear after five years. explaining the honey moon period.

this has led to some scientists believing that we are designed for love that only lasts that long and then we should move on to another person.

HOWEVER, another scientist very recently discovered a chemical that
is also released in the brain AFTER the 5 year period that is called
oxytocin. and it causes DEEP satisfaction and contentment. not the
thrilling crazy love feel, but a deeper satisfaction feeling.

ok, and that is not all....this chemical has been clinically proven to
1) make people less susceptible to addictions and to break them easier
2 )to help boost immunity to disease
3) increase trust

and thirty seconds of back massage is a quick way to begin the
release of this chemical (but that only works if it is someone you

so based on this, it is biologically apparent that we are designed
for monogamous relationships, but not just monogamous relationships,
but life long relationships!!!!

so there you go!

and more random facts:
*the love chemical doesn't disappear after 5 years, it it
comes back and then disappears over the years.
*chocolate contains this love chemical


and when you aren't so "in love"...back massages are good!


Miss Scarlet said...

Gotta point out - oxytocin is released during all sorts of pleasurable experiences, including eating chocolate, and yes - back massages.
There is nothing to do with monogamy in there though, you could just as easily have feelings of deep satisfaction around two or more people as you can with one.
Otherwise, if you have an aching back, and go get a professional massage, or indeed eat a bar of chocolate, are you cheating on your partner?

Jesse said...

true true...
however it is found extremely high in prarie voles which are one of the most commited monogamous animals. they will not find another mate, EVEN IF THE FIRST DIES! scientists also did a recent study and found a certain gene that when placed in another vole (that was not manogamous, but rather promiscuous) it became life long manogamous. so there are definately animals that are have it built into them to be manogamous life long. high production of oxytocin once in a long term relationship and the countless oxytocin receptors in our brain seem to point to benefits of being in a life long relationship. either way, i have seen the enourmous, undeniable, beautiful results from couples that are commited to each other for their entire lives! my parents are one example and it is the only kind of relationship i would settle for.
if that is not something desireable in a relationship than i dont know what is.

Marty said...

Hey, I need a back massage about now. Carey has been gone almost a week! What am I to do?

jenelle said...

I think running releases those good love drugs, too, right? Go run by that ocean, Mart! That's what I would do.