Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Waking Up in Africa

Early morning in Africa and this is a great place to wake up. The birds make the most amazing noise as the light is about to rise. I love it. I really don’t think there is a better way to wake up than to noisy bird chatter. I’m not talking about the annoying caw of crows. It’s much more a racket of happy sounds.

We took three planes and finally landed in Nairobi last Friday night. Saturday morning we got on the bus to Arusha. It was about five hours (with stops) of bouncing along breathing diesel fumes. Ha!

Arusha is green and everything is in bloom. Mt Meru is very lovely when the clouds clear. It’s close and magnificent. A little farther away, Kilimanjaro appears through the evening light now and again.

It’s good to be here with Peter and Tammy. This family is our family. It’s a little weird to not have our kids here among us. We are usually four adults and eight kids together, though some of those kids are pretty much adults now too ☺

Well, it makes it all feel more like reality to actually be here and to be walking through the school Wild Hope has been helping and to meet the young men on the soccer team that Wild Hope has come alongside. Byron and Peter rode out on motorcycles and looked at land ideas. We want to build homes together and have enough space to house teams. The community in the slums where the school and soccer team is would love us to help with English lessons for the kids. Just one of many ways to put future teams to work.

We fly back to LA on Monday the 20th, arriving on 21st. Pray God shows us all we need to see and know in this week.

Something wakes up in us when we are in Africa. It feels like purpose and passion and joy.


Rachel said...

It's so good to read this post...thinking of you there in Africa.

Rebecca said...

I have been told that when you drink the water from the Nile you will always return..and I know from a fact that the ground of Africa burns beneath your feet when she is in your soul and you really love her. I have drunk the water and my feet have burned...and I have been back....that is the only relief!!!!!

jesse said...

ah mom! i am so excited! there is something about africa in your blood. it never leaves and i cant wait to be back for a while!
love you and cant wait to see you in a week!

jesse said...

praying for you guys as you do team building stuff!