Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tomorrow, Africa!

Tomorrow Byron and I leave for 10 days in Tanzania. We are so happy we get to go pray, dream and plan with Peter and Tammy face to face and on African soil!

But things are a little crazy around here today. We have The Killers playing loudly to hype me up into high gear mode and frankly, if Byron catches me blogging right now I'm gonna be in deep doo doo. Love you, Byron :-)

But even as my mind is racing through the do-list for the day, and my body is frantically trying to keep up, I'm still thinking about Ted and all the fall out. One of the side shows in the fall out revolves around Mark Driscoll's comments on his blog in which he mentions that pastors wives should not let themselves go and that they need to be sexually available to their husbands. He says that many of these ladies have not kept up in these areas.

Could be. But I can't help but think of the pastors who are not emotionally available to their wives. They are obsessed with their success and their leadership role. They function as if the church can't manage without them, nor can the Kindgom. They leave wife and kids behind in the dust of their ever busy ministry schedule and then they wonder why she's not available.


Angela said...

Hey Lisa, This is Angela HIghfield and i hope that you have a great trip to Tanzania.

Brian Heasley said...

Bless you guys, I will be thinking of you. Hope it all goes well. Psalm 127: Unless God builds the house the labourers labour in vain.

he's doing it for you

lisa said...

Hi Angela! How fun to hear from you :-)

And thanks for prayers, Brian. Can't believe we're in Africa!

angela said...

I have not seen you forever! we stoped getting your newsletters I would love to get htem our address is
3247 N. Nixon Ave Sprignfield Mo
65803 and email is