Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Creation Joy

Jesse is in a week of exams now before his Christmas break. Got this little note from him today...

"I made the not so wise (since I have a cold) but well worth it decision this morning to go surf at sunrise.

It was so beautiful! The waves were awesome, head high and glassy and the sun was just coming up. On top of all that, there were about 20 dolphins that came past slowly for about 30mins . I got within 15 feet of them! One of them actually jumped so that his whole body was out of the water just as a perfect wave came along. It was a good kick off to finals week!"

Hurray for God's good Creation!

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Carolyn said...

So awesome how Jesse is able to write about his experiences so that I can just picture it; of course, it helps that I know he's surfing in SB.....oh, how lovely a picture he paints. :-) I also love that he loves that ocean as much as I do.