Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Mood

Oh happiness of having come through a good but very busy weekend. What a lot of lovely people we met and hung out with.

And I am feeling particularly pleased with life because the cup of tea I just had was so very good and what can put you in a happy mood better then that?

Then, looking through the photos of Saturday night when we went out to a Christmas party, I had to crop and display this shot of Byron (even though it's a wee bit blurred) cuz look at him! He's so cute! This is my most favorite face that he makes.

I love this boy. And not just because he's so cute.


Baba said...

the funny feeling in my throat and some tears in my eyes just came as I saw Byron´s picture...oh, how I miss you guys...
Much Much Love

your baba

jenelle said...

you are so hopelessly in love!

lisa said...

you know, i'm puzzled, actually, by that term "hopelessly in love." like what does that mean? it sounds like someone is foolishly in love when there is no hope of gaining the other person's love in return. or perhaps someone who is so in love that they have no hope in the world. like that makes sense. but whatever bad phrases we have embraced and promoted, i think i know what you mean by using it. i think you mean i really like him. yes.