Friday, January 26, 2007

Not Profound

I thought maybe I would have something profound to say for this my 100th post.

Sadly, profound is not in the works for today. Today I have been tired and stressed. One thing I hate, yea even two that I despise... To research and book flights on the internet and to calendar with my husband.

My mind gets all boggled with the flight plans and frequent flyer miles and dates and times and best use of funds. My brain gets further fried looking at the calendar and discussing how to fit in all we need to do before departure for Tanzania.

Two things I love, even three that hath blessed me... My mother spent hours and hours researching flights for me today and this helped me avoid losing my mind. While Byron's neck was all stiff and weird and he suffered various strange manifestations of stress during his work day, I sat like a veg beside her and let her fingers do the walking.

Then I went to help Heather's class begin their quilting project. The lovely Mrs. Sykes spoke to the 22 eight year olds in the calmest, most soothing voice as she led them through the exercise. Her gentle and amazing teaching gift was some kind of balm to me as I listened to her.

She reminded me of Esther, the third thing to love, whom I spoke with last night on the phone. Remember Beautiful Esther of my October post? She said she was reading about the storm that Jesus stilled and the Scripture says that afterward "there was a GREAT calm."

Oh Lord, trying to move our family to Tanzania, with the myriad of things that must be accomplished before-hand, feels like a wild ocean to me.

Speak to this storm. I would love a great calm.


Lassiter Family said...

Hey! Congratulations on your 100th post! Despite the fact that you feel you've nothing profound to write, you've spoken to my heart yet again. I love reading your blog! I too am praying for a sense of calm in the midst of our storm. Blessings on you guys!

On another note...I love the name of your blog. I still have "chai time" almost every afternoon while my boys take naps.
~Carrie (Brock) Lassiter

lisa said...

hurrah for chai times! that's the way to do life :-)
thanks for the encouragement. i'm happy you like reading me...

Sue said...

Mrs. Sykes is amazing and must quilt in her sleep to do all she does!
Glad your sweet mother came to your rescue w/ticket assistance.
Breathe deeply and we will remind God to keep sending in the workers to relieve you from the oncoming storms.

Sarah said...

Remembering our moves here, there, and everywhere across the waters makes my head spin.
You are in my prayers as you prepare for the next big adventure God is leading you to in Africa.
Breathe in, breathe, out, repeat.