Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fast Food

My hands smell like fast food. I feel like washing them.

Tonight we went to In-'n-Out, a classic hamburger joint. I would like to pause here and point out that this fine city, Pasadena, had the first ever In-'n-Out AND the first ever Trader Joe's. This is a cool city, except that it's now getting taken over by condos.

But the truth is, I didn't want to go to In-'n-Out. I'm a little spoiled about food. I have this thing about processed white bread. I don't believe it should be eaten. So I felt very brave eating the hamburger bun. It was an act against my first-world finicky-ness that says I should only put certain things in my mouth.

Now, I actually believe it's good to avoid white bread and mayo and greasy meat etc. I believe it's right that I make choices for whole foods.

But I don't think it's right to be a snob about that.

Heather won an award at school and part of her prize included a coupon for In-'n'-Out. Clever of the joint to give one free hamburger, knowing the child will likely come with a family that will order quite a few other things. Anyway....

I used to be against beef and pork for health reasons, and I would still find it hard to down a sausage or hot dog or piece of lunch meat. (But you should see me finish off the black pork in our favorite little village restaurant in Portugal!)

To be honest, as the afternoon moved on toward evening and I knew we would be going to the fast-food place soon, I thought about eating before or after the trip. I thought about making my own healthier option at home.

But I really felt this would take away from Heather's celebratory meal. She was honored with her prize and this little outing was for her. I felt like I needed to participate and not be a food-snob.

I realize this must all sound pretty ridiculous to most people but it really was kind of a big deal to me. I ate the hamburger with both sides of the bun, even though I think white bread is an idea from hell meant to take all the goodness of out a grain and leave us fat and un-nourished.

I took it a step further. I ate some french fries and I even took big gulps of Heather's chocolate shake. It was quite a night!

I'll admit it: I feel like I need to make fresh carrot juice now to cleanse my body but I don't have any carrots so I don't have to fight this urge too hard.

Now I realize this makes me sound like a health food nut or at least a really healthy eater. I don't think I am, particularly. I just have a few rules in my head.

Somehow I feel more grown-up to have broken my rules for a good reason tonight. Yes, I wanted Heather to be blessed. And I was mindful of all the people who would be so thankful for that burger, white bread and all.


Sue said...

Lisa-how I love you! Do you know how much Dan is against fast food...or just paying for it?! He actually chased me down the drive way as I joked that I was going to grab dinner (way back b/4 kids). He would rather cook-gotta love him for that!
But funny- In-and-Out is one of the fasties that I will take my brood to if we must. At least their lettuce and tomatoes are real!
Love to you for honoring Heather!!

jen said...

I am one of those people who would be thankful for that burger!!! YUM! I love In-n-out! I also love Trader Joes! If you ever find yourself there again, get the burger "protein style". It is delicious, wrapped in lettuce. Probably fake lettuce, but it isn't white bread!

lisa said...

yea, at least it was In 'n Out and not MacDonalds!
I'll look for the protein style one if we end up there again.

lisa said...

and by the way, i don't ever mind "fast" burritos from Rick's. somehow i tell myself it's pretty healthy, all things considered.

Shelley said...

I just want some t-shirts from In-and-Out! I've been there probably 5 times in my life and only eaten there once...I was always there for the shirts! Ours have had it, they are on a shelf in the garage now. Maybe we should come to Pasadena to the home of the first In-and-Out and replenish our t-shirt supply...

lisa said...

well it's true, even though they have processed white bread, they DO have the coolest t-shirts in the world. let me know what sizes you need and we'll be happy to get you some! truly!