Sunday, February 25, 2007

Chick Flick and Comfort Food

Today we had no appointments and it really felt like a true Saturday. Tanya and I walked some nice miles in the rain and then stopped by the coffee shop before returning to the house where our families awaited.

Later in the afternoon we went for a chick flick (Music and Lyrics) with her daughter/my neice, Anna. Byron took the other kids to see Bridge to Terabithia and we met outside afterward. Heather held herself together during the sad ending of their film (I warned her it was going to be a sad one!) and then burst into tears when she saw me.

Auntie Tanya thought we should introduce her to the concept of Comfort Food so we went immediately next door and bought hot chocolate chip cookies at Cow Chips. Yum!

After this, Tanya insisted on buying me a pair of extremely cute and comfortable shoes. I have this big sister who likes to buy me presents so doesn't that make me the most fortunate little sister ever?

We came home to hot cups of tea while Trevor played around on the guitar.

A walk, a coffee break, a chick flick, comfort food, new shoes and tea with people I love...

A pretty good way to pass a day :-)


Rachel said...

mmm. that sounds like a heavenly day. You should go check out Patty Griffin's very new song by the same name (Heavenly Day, on the album Children Running Through). peace to you all.

devoted said...

Beautiful, Lisa! Your days in Seattle will be a treasure you carry with you to Africa...comfort food for the heart when the inevitable loneliness hits. Thanks for sharing your wonderfully woven words! Elizabeth