Wednesday, February 21, 2007

News Flash: All World Problems Solved!

My sister and I walked down to the lake and back up again this morning. While we walked we were able to come up with solutions for all the world's problems!

Amazing, eh?

The world, yea even the very universe, should be in order now. Just wondered if anyone noticed the difference :-)


Lassiter Family said...

I wondered why my day went so well! Thanks! I hope Trevor feels better soon.

Jesse said...

definately felt it today...
my 3 hour lab was canceled!

jenelle said...

...and THAT must be why I was able to help convince my prof. to extend our next paper's due date by three days!

Sarah said...

Since you solved all the world's problems that means I owe you thanks for:
1) Balancing my checkbook
2) Removing that nasty pizza stain off my shirt
3) Never having to find my keys again!
Thanks Lisa!

Sue said...

Okay, Lisa! Today is the 26th, my head is a blur with the past weekends revolving around weddings and funerals..I can't even stop to think how you made my last wednesday become great so could you PLEASE just send me all the solutions in a tidy note and I will poof them into exsistence, sit back, get my tea and chocolate, and trust that big God for the things on my heart today.
I LOVE YOUR SISTER for treating you to a pair of shoes. May your feet dance away with joy!!