Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday, Seattle

It's Monday and, not surprisingly, grey and drizzly in the greater Seattle area.
We're at my sister Tanya's house. This is our landing place in this city, the place we invade while we run around seeing everyone we need to see.

Trevor has a sore throat and is lying on the couch watching a Death Cab for Cutie dvd and Colin is out for pancakes with his Uncle Don and cousin Anna. Heather is in the barn brushing one of the ponies. Byron has been doing some computer thing and I've been trying unsuccessfully to find contact information for two couples we'd like to see while we're up here. We have an appointment this evening but today is a holiday and we're free. We'll go to the thrift store (charity shop) and look for sweatshirts. Travel tip: Seattle has great thrift stores. And great music. Trevor and Anna were downtown last night to see The Presidents.

It's been a strange morning so far. The phone rang very early with the news that Rachel's father died very suddenly today in England. Rachel is our English sister, married to our little brother. Her dad has been a very dear friend of our family since we were all kids. We are all stunned. Rachel was able to book a flight out of LA tonight. British Air kindly waived the 24 hour requirement for using free miles and were exceptionally helpful when they heard the circumstances.

Life is fragile.
People are precious.

I realize this is not news to anyone, but today it feels raw and stinging to me.

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dad said...

You are so right, life is fragile and friends (and life) are precious. Even today, walking streets in Hong Kong, I have ached again at the loss of Rachel's remarkable dad, Kirby's good father in law and our very special friend, Roy Rimmer.