Wednesday, February 21, 2007

On My Mind

Today I'm thinking about my friend Conny who just last week voluntarily responded to a plea from southern Sudan for medical personnel and today is there! Lammert and Conny are our Dutch colleagues, people we love and have loved working with. Conny is a medical doctor in Geneva, now off to administer meningitis vaccines in an emergency situation where there is an outbreak.

Conny is a hero today, walking into a dangerous situation that she is totally un-familiar with because she heard of a need and knew she could help. Lammert is a hero for encouraging her go.

I'm thinking of Trevor in bed looking a little improved as his fever has come down. His cold turned out to be bronchitis and he's on antibiotics now. Yesterday I told him I'd be taking him to the doctor when we got back from our lunch appointment. He opened his bleary, fevery eyes and croaked out "What do I need a doctor for?" Hhhhmmmm. I have to say that of all the kids, Trevor is the one who is always sicker than I realize. By the time he says he feels bad, things are usually serious. It's not that he's trying to be tough; he just kind of doesn't realize he should speak up sooner. I fell asleep last night remembering how he looked as a three year old with a bad case of amebic dysentery. His little round face was so sober.

Today I'm thinking about the humbling feeling of people's love and support. Being up here in the NW reminds us again of what an incredible thing it is to share what God is doing and how he's leading, and to feel the care and interest and rallying around of friends.

I'm getting a Ben Harper song in my head.... "I am blessed! I am blessed! I am blessed to be a witness!"


Sue said...

Don't stop sharing, Lisa. Can't imagine we were the only ones stuck in just staying afloat and forgetting the huge picture of God's passionate longing for us to GET IT!...and LONG FOR HIM AND HIM ALONE! People are awakened when near another who is longing for Christ's passion and purpose in their lives. YOU ARE REFRESHING, Lisa! Keep sharing your longings!!!

Sue said...

On the illness of Trevor...May he quickly find health and flash that amazingly warm and beautiful smile soon and get out to enjoy all the fun of family and Seattle.
We miss you guys!!!

lisa said...

thanks sue!

we miss your wonderfully refreshing family. we'll have to have another one of our "chaos and good food" nights again soon :-)

joshua case said...

great use of ben harper! so true, we are blessed and conny is a hero!