Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Heart: Here and There

Milord just rang. He's Colin's Nepali friend in Lisbon. Our whole family loves him. He got the time difference wrong and forgot that Colin is at school right now but he was just reminding us that Portugal plays Brazil today. That's always a huge game. I wish I was in Lisbon to watch it in a little cafe with some nice Portuguese coffee.

I was sitting in the airport in Nairobi last November when an add for the sports cable came on the big screen TV. Scenes of major soccer games flashed across the advertisement and suddenly the screen was covered in thousands of Portuguese flags and scarves waved by fans at the World Cup.

It was the middle of the night at a dingy airport in Kenya and I was excited to be in the process of moving back to East Africa, but when I saw those flags I started to cry.

Gosh, being international really messes up your heart!

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jesse said...

yeah...it sure does.
cant wait to see you thursday!