Thursday, March 15, 2007

"Courage, Father, Give Us..."

On this journey I am much encouraged by Dustin Kensrue's song, "Weary Saints". Kensrue, the G.K.Chesterton reading front man of Thrice, has released an acoustic album called Please Come Home.

Many great songs but today I hold onto Weary Saints as one who is weary, though not very saint-like.

Favorite lines...

"For years we've fought the night with pale and ghostly flames. Some still dream of light, say the sun will rise again..."

"Let us not be faithless, you will meet our needs."

"Courage, Father, give us to do what must be done..."

And finally--

"For years you've met our thirst, still deserts we have roamed. But we'll be done with dust and dirt when the ocean calls us home. We'll fall into the arms of a cool and sweet embrace and under stars and waving palms we'll shed our sin like snakes..."

Shed our sin like snakes.... I look forward to that day.

Buy the song on iTunes, please. It's a keeper.

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