Thursday, March 15, 2007


Jesse launched a site for his drums and other instruments!

Check it out at Jesse Djembes


jenelle said...

At long last! The site looks really great! I'm especially impressed with the "how to tighten your djembes" part...great to know I can do it myself and don't REALLY have to fly my djembe across America to get Jesse to help me.

Everyone in Blogdom, buy Jesse's stuff! He does amazing work!

sue said...

Thinking first, which do we buy? and next, we pray this goes big for Jesse!

Carolyn said...

Hey, Lisa!! Today I got to go to an event here called Earthfest; it's a once a year get together, all about helping the community go green. I thought of you and the boys a lot, as I ran into a tent that was selling Djembe's!!! I took pictures, which I will put up soon. I also got a rock that has a ruby in it, which came all the way from Tanzania!! :-) The night ended with a Reggae band playing, and everyone dancing outside; turns out, the leader of the band is from Cameroon!! :-) So I was surrounded by Africa was so lovely.