Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Shopping Toward Departure

6 weeks till departure and I'm going over my lists. I spent the entire morning compiling vaccination records into one spreadsheet. We have little scraps of paper from all over the world telling us who got jabbed with what when. Now I need to focus on school stuff for Colin and Heather.

Byron's list is totally different. It's all heavy metal. It stresses him out to spend the money but, actually, that's what the money was given for. He does this weird breathing thing as we drive around on errands. It's like a big sigh every couple of minutes. "Stop it with the heavy sighs!" I said to him. "You're wearing me out listening to you!"

But truthfully, I wouldn't want his job. He bought the winch for the car today. I teased him later, "I can't believe you didn't get my in-put on which one to buy!" So he pointed to his computer screen and asked if I could help him choose an inverter for the house. He got a high-lift jack today as well. And a snatch block. I know what a high-lift jack is. I have no idea what a snatch-block is.

He took much longer than I expected on his final errands of the day and his phone didn't seem to be getting a signal so I couldn't reach him. I started to really wonder where he was. Then I started to worry. Then I started to wait for the police to show up at the door. As I waited for the bad news, I tried to figure out where the kids and I were going to live now that we were Byron-less. I wondered what this was going to do to Jesse's 20th birthday celebration tomorrow. What a bad way to turn 20.

But then Byron turned up with all his heavy gear in tow and my worries floated away. I guess I got over it quickly cuz I didn't even help him heat up his dinner. I just left him to it. (Of course I WAS helping Colin and Heather with home work issues by then.)

Tomorrow we'll take a break from preparations and go up to Santa Barbara to see Jesse on his 20th. That will be good.

And we still have Byron with us! Hurrah!


Brian Heasley said...

I am so glad that Byron is still with you!!!!!

Lassiter Family said...

I can't count the number of times I've made the contingency plan for the boys and I since Bill was clearly gone from our family forever. I'm glad everyone is alright and excited for you guys! Blessings!

Rachel said...

Hey, I know those sighs. I sigh instead of making that horrible crinkle between my eyes. : ) But I can safely say I've never sighed over a winch, and I have no idea what a snatch-block is either.

It would be fun if Byron did a visiting-blogger post (or a dictated-to-Lisa post) to tell us about snatch-blocks and what this whole move looks like from his perspective.

So excited for you guys to be getting closer to fly date!

Sue said...

Tell Byron I think God is saying...
"Spend the money!"
Relax. We love you guys and trust you to get what is needed AND THEN SOME!
We're excited for you to still be a Byron-filled family!