Friday, March 30, 2007

Waiting Up

Just waiting for Byron to return from the El Rey down in LA where he went to collect Trevor, Colin, Becca and MacKenzie. They saw Brett Dennen tonight, which I'm sure was very cool.

Heather is fast asleep on Byron's side of the bed and I'm going to have to move her. She's too big for me to be carrying around anymore, but I still do it.

I should move her and then get into bed but instead I sit here like a dummie wasting sleep time because I hate going to bed without Byron. I'm answering emails and writing nonsense posts when I should be doing something really useful like tucking myself in.

I'm pathetic! I don't mind saying it :-)


Rachel said...

You're funny, Lisa. I don't blame you for waiting up. : ) And besides, why disturb Heather?

PS. I saw Brett Dennen here in the fall, and it was a great show. He's a great performer -- and he kind of looks like an oversized kid, which adds to his charm.

lisa said...

The boys loved the Dennen gig. Colin looked all dreamy and happy when they came in. Cool that you saw him in Nashville! Too bad I couldn't go but Mommy duties called :-)