Thursday, March 29, 2007

"I'm feelin' betta..."

Here's my update on how I'm doing avoiding meltdown.

We are maneuvering our way toward yet another family move across the globe (See my 3 recent posts before Jesse's birthday) so I'm trying to hold onto some scraps of sanity.

On my list of things to do to help in this process, I have

1. Not been much better about going walking

2. Nor have I eaten any fair trade chocolate

3. I have had tea in the morning sun with Byron

4. And we have spoken with God about the things we are stressed about

5. I've had lunch with Lori (and Jenelle!)

6. And napped to Brian Houston's 35 Summers

7. I've prepared gifts for people I love

8. And called Tanya

9. I have not danced with Heather (who is white and weak with stomach flu today)

10. But I have asked Jesus to hold my hand and help me through this move to Africa

Bonus item: I've also made some major headway on booking our complicated tickets so there does seem to be light somewhere ahead :-)

One of these days we will land in Tanzania, a family with bewildered expression and the bedraggled look of those who have been in transition for long and anticipate it going on for longer still. We will not really know how we got there but we will realize that God and some very big-hearted friends helped us a great deal along the way.

We are getting there "slowly by slowly" as my Kenyan friends used to say.

I need to stop by for some of that fair trade chocolate and celebrate a little.


Rachel said...

slowly by slowly. I like that image. : )

Glad to hear that you see some light ahead! It's a blessing to be able to share in this journey with you, even just via a blog.

Lassiter Family said...

Akiti akiti, pole pole, hakuna matata, bit by bit, slowly by slowly. Yet another thing I love and miss about African lifestyle. By the time you arrive, no matter how bedraggled and disoriented, you will be welcomed with open arms into the warmth of Africa. What better place to connect with God and begin the next chapter.
Still praying,

Sarah said...

Glad things are moving along and that you'll be making some time for chocolate.
Jesus is holding your hand, and preparing your way before you.

Sue said...

Okay, Lisa, I'm dropping by for one of those walks. I'll listen to you and you can pass on your favorite places to get fair trade chocolate.
Blessings to sweet Heather!