Saturday, April 07, 2007

Longing Toward Sunday

I can't imagine what the disciples were feeling on Saturday after the violent death of Jesus that they had witnessed.

We know what happened next so can we really fathom what was going on for them? They didn't know that Sunday was coming.

I imagine them huddled together behind locked doors. Small groups with whispered questions, anguish, and the silence of disbelief. I imagine them with no appetite, hardly able to sleep, in shock. Maybe they would drift off to sleep from time to time only to wake up to the aching again. Possibly, in those few moments between total sleep and wakefulness, possibly in there somewhere they forgot it was true, believed it was a nightmare Maybe they experienced the fleeting relief of thinking that this was just a dream.... but then they would come back to consciousness and be hit with the cold truth. It was not a dream.

We don't want to linger here. We like to wear our crosses empty.

But Friday's executions were reality. Saturday's silent empitness, it's closed-mouthed refusal to explain, was stark, heavy and 100% real.

Bleak, cold, harsh, void, hollow.

Shock, anger, fear, grief, pain.

Saturday had to be lived through.


lisa said...

FYI for Carrie Lassiter: photo taken above the Morijo valley where Byron and some friends put up this cross.

Jenelle said...

I think it's silly that we've overlooked Saturday as a Holy Day. We should give it a name and remember it better.

oz said...

hey lisa...i met you and your husband at the 24-7 ilg in germany and spain or amsterdam? cant quite remember now...not sure if you remember me but i keep finding myself in conversations where your names come in canada, zimbabwe, and other i thought i would touch base, say hi...i spent some time in kenya...and most recently uganda and zimbabwe...tomorrow i move to brasil...just have a weird hunch that our paths might cross...ill follow the blog.

Lassiter Family said...

Lisa, thanks for the heads-up. I was fairly certain it was Africa. Hope you had a beautiful and blessed Easter! What a gift we've been given!