Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nominated: Me

So Nelly nominated me for the best Mommy Blog at the Bloggers Choice Awards. That was nice of her! I figure I have five or six fans so I should be able to get more than the two votes I have right now :-)

You can vote here


Rachel said...

You have my vote. : )

Susan Yost said...

Hi Lisa,

I've been reading your blog for a few months now. I love how you write and I love to see you with your grown up boys. I also had 3 boys, then a girl. Then we were blessed with a surprise - boy #4! My oldest is 15, so we are a few years behind you. I was also the class of '84 at Westmont, Susan Pond, and married Paul (Croft) Yost. He's not really running anymore, but he still holds a couple records at Westmont!

We have been in ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ for 20 years, all stateside except for short projects. I love how open you are with your struggles and emotions and I really admire your family! Blessings in Tanzania!

(We have a blog, but it is just for posting our prayer letter. Check it out and see how much we've changed since Westmont! P.S. I voted for you and that bumped you up to page 26 I think!

lisa said...


Thank you so much for your note and your kind words. Wow, class of '84! So nice to look through your blog and hear about your lives and adventures. It's really cool to see where our lives have taken us since Westmont. We've seen Russell and Allison several times when we've been back on campus. It's hard for me to believe that Jesee will be a junior and Trevor a freshman there in the fall. How good is God?

Thank you so much for making contact. Blessings on all your up to!