Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here We Are in Tanzania!

And so I begin my first post as a resident of Tanzania. Crazy but true, we are finally here.

We are all in the woozy, mind numbing throes of jetlag after well over twenty four hours of door-to-door travel. We've changed ten time zones.

Let me just give you the quotes that stand out in my mind from this journey...

Late at night before our departure, Byron briefs Jesse (20) who will spend a night in Nairobi on his way here in a few weeks:

"Staying alone at a hotel in Nairobi you will be approached by prostitutes. Probably lots of them. Remember, prostitutes are people just like anyone else. Be nice, polite and firm that you are NOT interested."

Standing in line at check-in Colin (13) comments:

"Man, living in America was hard. This is the day I've been waiting for. It's like my reward."

A woman traveler at security who was not happy that they took away several large bottles of liquids from her hand-luggage:

"This is RIDICULOUS! I'm from Canada! We don't HAVE terrorism in CANADA!"

On the second flight when Colin and Heather woke up and realized we were over Africa they looked out the window eagerly. Heather (8) looked back at Colin with very bright eyes and said:

"Colin! We're going HOME!"

This morning Colin asked:

"Does it seem like people are more friendly here?" When I responded positively he said, "It's a whole different world--more heavenly."

Trevor (17), who traveled via a cheaper route and got in 18 hours after us, keeps looking around and saying:

"I'm so happy. I'm SO HAPPY!"

Had to get those down before I forgot them. That's all from my foggy brain.

Thanks for traveling with us :-)


Brian Heasley said...

so glad you made it, isn't that a line from a song? You have been in our prayers can't wait to read more about your God adventure

lammert said...

Welcome home! We have been thinking about you guys. Enjoy!

Jenelle said...

I cackled aloud at your quotes. And smiled. It made me feel like I was part of the Bordens' Go Home movie. I'm so glad you wrote them down for all blog eternity! The man-to-man talk that Byro had with Jesse was priceless.

Rachel said...

I could see all of your faces in each of those quotes, and indeed, you all LOOK happy!

It's fun to think of you all over there, home. : )

Amy Swacina said...

I'm so glad you guys made it home safely. You have been and will continue to be in my prayers. May God continue to bless your family during this journey with Him.

Sarah said...

So glad you are home!

Lassiter Family said...

You're home and I'm so happy for you! Wish I could have been there to watch your family arrive. I'll bet it was "a little more heavenly". I'm praying many blessings on you all! (Especially Jesse travelling through Nairobi alone.)

shelley said...

Welcome Home!!! I have a little mist in my eyes, I'm so happy for you all! Can we come visit someday???

lisa said...

Thanks, all :-)

Sue said...

Hi Lisa,
I just saw something drop out of my upstairs window...must have been a splash of water as Jesse is here helping the sunshine burst through our windows with sparkles like never before!
So happy, happy for you to be HOME!
I will dream of walking there with you someday and talking up a storm about how rich our lives are with these amazing kids we've been gifted with.
Tons of hugs to you all!

Jesse said...

heather's quote makes me want to cry....
i want to be there!
soon enough i supose....