Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Round Here

I like that Round Here song by Counting Crows.

That song, however, has nothing to do with my post. I was just thinking about our "round here."

Monday was quite a day for the Borden offspring.

Offspring #1: Jesse took three big final exams up at Westmont. Yay, Jesse! You are now officially finished with your second year!

Offspring #2: Trevor got his driver's license (!) with his right ear still deaf from the ear infection. (We worried he wouldn't be able to hear the examiner sitting on his right and giving him instructions like, "Turn left at the next intersection.") He's happy! Good job, Truby!

Offspring #3 and #4: Colin and Heather and I spent two hours at the Department of Public Health. We needed to get them caught up with vaccinations before we get back to Africa so Colin got three jabs and Heather got FIVE! She was VERY brave until the 4th jab and then she had a little cry. More tears with the 5th, which, I understand, stung quite badly. Colin was brave throughout, as is his norm. Nicely done, Col and Heath!

Heather has been informing people quite brazenly that she now has five diseases! Well, hopefully she does NOT. Monday we go back for Yellow Fever and the oral Typhoid med. Jesse (Offspring #1) will have to have those too.

Well, that's "round here" for now...


Sue said...

Round Here...hmmm... always something happening round here! FULL day you all had! Congrats on the successes all around!
Just so you know, Lisa, round SGCS Colin and Heather are missed. Those two offsprings, #'s 3 and 4 made a big impact. Mrs. Gonzales is quite sad not to have her "model child/student" there with her. I was touched but not surprised by her heartfelt loss. Your passions spill into your children and theirs into the lives around them. I love how God allows His Kingdom to come in, through, and around those that want to love Him.
Blessings on these exciting days ahead to your crew.

lisa said...

Thanks, Sue! Heather cried about leaving Mrs. Gonzales :-( I miss seeing you every day at pick-up time. Still hoping to bring my whole family up to your house for one last night of food and fun... Let's plan it!

Shelley said...

Oh man...shots are no fun at all...but getting a drivers license and passing exams are both quite fun! Way to go Jesse and Trevor and the 2 brave little pin cushions!!

Lassiter Family said...

#1: Well done on exams! One of my least favorite things about school.
#2: Congrats on the license! It took me til I was 24 to get mine! The life of a TCK.
#3&4: Ouch! Shots are no fun, but the diseases they prevent are even less fun! I'm sure you've all been counting the days. You're in my prayers.