Monday, June 18, 2007

A Good and Lovely Weekend

Wow, this last weekend was the first proper weekend we can remember having in ages.

We played and had fun basically the whole time.

Saturday was an excellent adventure out. We convoyed in three vehicles (we were 20 in all) out to the toolies in search of a lovely waterfall coming down the Rift Valley wall. We had been told it was a nice spot but none of us had been.

It felt good to pull out into the morning and head for an explore. We explored a little more than we needed to since we lost our way but finally, some four hours later, we stopped at a river beach and had our picnic. PC decided he would go find a way to access the water fall we were looking for and it wasn't too long before we got a text message saying he had found it. The message also mentioned that his truck was quite securely stuck in the river and he needed Byron to come pull him out :-)

After setting the vehicle free from the soft muddy river bottom we were all hot and happy to walk the rest of the way upstream to the very pretty falls.

I guess we spent a couple of hours there, wading, swimming, laughing, enjoying. Having found the shaded campsite that looks out toward the falls and speaking with the local representative from the village about how much it would cost us to camp there, we decided this is a definite place to come back to for an over-night.

Sunday we made up our second round of picnic food and headed out to Per and Miriam's house. Per runs a motorcycle safari company and occasionaly he hosts motorcycle races at the track around his property. Our family enjoyed the view from the roof of the car as we ate and watched the different heats of races. It was good fun. Per won his set of four races and his little girl, Sarah, won the kids set. Rebekah, who is 11, raced in the mid grade heats against men and she came in 3rd. You may call it home track advantage but I'd say there is some serious motorcycle skill in that family :-)

Sunday night we gathered with about 25 friends and had a really sweet time of worship. Very refreshing and nourishing.

I liked that weekend and hope that we have many more that feel like it.

(Photo by Jesse)


Mama Monk said...

Hi LIsa---

We just said goodbye to 6 beloved ragamuffins this morning. What a delightful time we had with the Russells! Now, they are heading closer and closer to where you have landed.

I enjoyed reading your post. I'm so glad you've had some precious, and RESTFUl times over the weekend--

Anonymous said...

That sounded so wonderful.

You will enjoy making Africa 'home' again! :-)


lisa said...

Oh, Mama Monk and Nina, nice to hear from both of you! Fun to realize with Tammy that Brian and the Russell boys were playing in a waterfall in Canada on the same day that we were doing such way over here. We eagerly await their return.

Nina, my love to all your family. Heather still has hand-me-downs from Meghan that she is enjoying :-)

Rachel said...

Hi Lisa. : ) Glad to hear that you all are exploring and settling in!


PS. Thanks for the Hirsch recommendation - I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet, but I will.