Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Where Am I?

Well, I'm in London, that's where!

It's so weird to be here because it seems we just got to Tanzania.

But here I am.

I have the very good pleasure of serving on a leadership team with the
24-7 Prayer movement and we meet three times a year. So on Monday afternoon I took a five and a half hour bustrip from Arusha to Nairobi. The open plains of Africa were quite lovely, even if the road was quite bumpy, as we traveled.

At the airport I checked my little bag (a great mistake as I could have carried it on and it's now lagging behind somewhere) and went up to the transit area where I had a cup of tea before my 9pm flight.

There was a couple of large groups of people in matching outfits and one such group was on our plane. Maybe 75 people? It looked like one group made up of smaller groups, each smaller group being an African family. I wondered if they were refugees being relocated? They had a couple of people traveling with them to help them understand what to do. Anyway, I liked them.

We stopped at Entebbe and then on to Brussels. That's where the bag went missing. In fact, the plane from Brussels apparently landed in London with an empty hold. No one got their bags! Crazy.

Then I trained across to Guilford from Gatwick. Beautiful English hills and pastures and paddocks and fields in the morning sun. I thought about how cool it was that I was watching Africa out my window yesterday and England today.

Now I'm "resting" and doing computer work and getting excited to meet with our team tomorrow through Friday. I am honored off my rocker to serve on this team. I love these people!

PS I told Heather that Trevor would be me while I was gone. I said he could do her hair and help her make toast and call Talhia if she wanted to go up and play. When I told Trevor that he had to be me he said, "OK, but do I have to blog?" Ha ha!

And PSS Today is my wonderful dad's 75th Birthday!! Happy Birthday, Dad!! Of all the places in the world I could be, I wish I could transport myself for the day to be with you!


Sue said...

Wonderful for you to be off in London with 24-7! Trevor will be a great you...I think he should blog on as well.
Soak it all up and share with us!

Rachel said...

London, fun!

And tell Trevor I think all Bordens should blog. ; ) You're all such interesting people!

Me said...

I would gladly read a Trevor blog. Have a lovely time in London!

Me said...

I don't know why my name came up simply as "me". Nobody but "I" knows who "me" is. Well, if you're wondering, jina langu ni Carrie.

Laurie said...

My name is Laurie and this is totally random. But I just read your article in DJ and really loved it, so I thought I would take a look at your blog. There was so much wisdom in your article. And I found myself relating it to parenting and my life right now. Then after looking at your blog, I was encouraged by your entries about being a Mom. Thanks so much for sharing your life so readily with others.
And two more things! I'm from Kansas and read your entry about the Greensburg tornado. Being from a small town, I just ache for them. Also, my dearest friend in the whole world grew up as an MK in Tanzania and then in Nairobi. Her dad is John Sapp and works with the IMB. Anyway. I just thought I'd see if you knew him. Have a great day!

Jenelle said...

Lisa, is that article you wrote for DJ online anywhere?

lisa said...

Carrie, maybe the way you've set your profile or something has made it so you've called yourself "me".
And hi, by the way :-)

lisa said...


Thanks for commenting. That encourages me that you were encouraged by the DJ article :-)

I don't think we know John Sapp... I'll ask Byron, though.


lisa said...

Nelly, no it's not on line. If you are very nice to me I might send you a scan of it. Discipleship Journal puts archived articles on line but I'm not sure how much time passes between when something goes to print and when it gets uploaded to their site.

Jenelle said...

I aspire to always be nice to you, Lisa.

Rebecca said...

I was reading the 24/7 blogs, as I often do and I saw mentioned a Lyndall (sp?) from Cantebury. I checked arounda and she is aldy who speaks often at my church there. It is a smaller world than we think.

lisa said...

Rebecca, I've heard Lyndall speak at several 24-7 events. She's absolutely amazing. You're right, what a funny little world!

Rebecca said...

Gosh my spelling is trash...but interestingly, I did not know that Lyndall was involvred in 24/7 - not that I am involved but I am interested and each day I read the blogs etc. My claim to fame with Lyndall (she does not know who I am ) is that tripping over her dog one day in church almost killed me!!!!! Not really, but it was an event! Have a good time and travelling mercies back to God's country.

Baba said...

again so close :-/
love you