Thursday, June 07, 2007

All There

I heard this afternoon that Jesse made it safely to Arusha today. It's so nice to know that Byron and all the kids are there together now. Byron said they were waiting for the shuttle and ordering a pizza when the bus arrived a little early. He said they bolted from the restaurant to run and throw their arms around Jesse :-)

I am having a very good time with the this 24-7 Prayer team here in England but I am really excited to get home to my family on Sunday.

I put my headphones on and go to Trevor's myspace just so I can hear his voice. Makes me feel closer....


Jenelle said...

Hoooray! Everyone's home! I'm really glad you're there with the 24-7 team, but I'm also really glad you'll be home soon.

Dore' said...

Hi Lisa,
I've been praying for Jesse's trip. Good to know he is home.
Also,good to know you can get pizza in Africa! It seems logical to think that you could get pizza there, but I never really gave it a thought before.
And-I listen to Trevor's music all the time. It makes me feel happy to whistle Sweet Song!
Praying for you and 24/7.
Sending love!!!

lisa said...

Yes, pizza :-) Though they were at a hotel restaurant where the shuttle arrives, not a "normal" local place.