Thursday, September 06, 2007

3 Weeks and Counting...

Ok so the boys have been gone three weeks today.

I was not aware that this was the three week mark as I woke up. I just woke up missing them and feeling sad.

I tried skyping out to Trevor's mobile phone but there was no answer. I tried skyping to Jesse's computer. No answer there either. It was only a little after 9pm their time so I didn't really expect them to be in their rooms.

I left them both e-notes just to say that I had tried to call. Then I sat outside on the porch where Byron was reading, my eyes all red and my face all wet.

Gosh, missing them is like having a big cave for a chest.

It's not that I wish they were here. It's just that I wish we could drop by and take them out for a meal... or meet the new roomates... or even just send them a package easily. I wish that coming home for a weekend wasn't actually impossible.

Byron told me later that before I walked out to the porch he had been sitting there thinking about how bad it feels to be so far away. I guess we are just hitting another layer of it all.

Does pain mean we are in the wrong place?

I don't think so.

Jesse skyped me a couple of hours after I had tried to skype him. The connection was lousy so we just used the chat feature to type back and forth. We finally said goodbye when it was well after his midnight.

My chest doesn't feel so hollow now. Still achey, but not so empty.


Rebecca said...

The Hollow Heart feeling - that is well described.. I know I am moving back to Canada - since I do not seem to have a call to anywhere else - I think my grand daughter may have had something to do with that decision!!!!!

lisa said...

Oh good choice, Rebecca!! When do you go?