Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shedding Frustration is Good for Me

I know I've been complaining about the internet connection from here. Whine, whine, whine This last week was a real doozie. (Doozie! When was the last time I used THAT word??)

The outstanding Jenelle is here for a visit and one of the things she was going to to do is tutor me in a few techie things. But those things are dependant on the net and the net is being a very sluggish creature.

By Friday afternoon there was a distinct grumpiness in the house as three of us who needed good net connection felt unproductive and helpless. (Poor, pitiful us!)

I finally couldn't take it any longer and so I climbed onto my bed, pulled my pretty white Portuguese throw over me and took a little nap. (BTW, I'm a firm believer in little naps, even though I don't live out my allegiance to the same very well.)

The nap gave way to tea time and we sat on our porch drinking and talking and draining the pot.

Later, after the tea things were cleared away and Byron had watered all the flowers and Jenelle had read some lovely essays by our friend Lisa McKay, the stars came out and we took our dinner outside where we could enjoy it by a little camp fire.

Fresh, hot, home-made chapatis, wonderful African beans, guacamole, a fire, the stars, Over The Rhine wafting across the airwaves and conversation. We talked long and deep and raw. That's the best way, I think.

The internet doesn't matter. Sure, I'd like to get some things done, but sharing life is a pretty good alternate plan.


jesse said...

love you mom!
tonight we are going to carly, alexa, and tati's house.
we are cooking beans, rice, and chapatis!
love you so much!!!!

Spence Farmer said...

Your blogs are so beautiful. They even taste like Africa to the ears. I pray you get better internet so Skype works better. And do take those little naps. Standing with you. All our love

lisa said...

Jesse, so good to hear your voice this morning!

And Spencer! Wonderful to hear from you :-) We send love back your way too.

Sue said...

MacKenzie agrees with your title. Punching bag maybe?! I like your retreat to the little nap. I actually took a three hour one last week...maybe a bit too long but must have been needed.
Right now my three oldest girls are trying out screaming/shreaking. Laughter comes and I am reminding them of how fortunate I am to know these sweet,loud, creatures!!
Fondly thinking of you having chai and drawing deeply from your hearts together,

Sue said...

We simply love your new photo heading your blog!!
Love from us Kleins

Trevor said...

mamma blogger has a spiffy new header picture thing!! hurray

lisa said...

Sue, sometimes a punching bag would be helpful :-) Shame you're not here with us...

Trevor, yep, Mama Blogger finally got herself a nice header photo inserted.

New header photo by Jesse Borden. That's Trevor, Colin and Heather on the roof of the Land Cruiser :-)

lisa said...

Ha! I just read my comment and it sounds like I'm saying Sue would be a good punching bag!! I meant it's a shame you're not hear sitting around the camp fire with us talking late at night with us!

Sue said...

Glad you clarified that! Phew! :-)!So want to be joining you at the fireside!!
Until then, we must put purpose into our simply being available to let God work through us here in this strange western USA place.

Sometimes it feels all too plastic, Am I really supposed to know all that the gossip magazines are telling me what my daughters are to look like?! Proud to say mine see through that ...but the pressure is thick and ugly. Glad our sweet Jesus has power to shine His beauty above all that clouds truth.
It was powerful for Kenz to work in Katrina ridden New Orleans. Something about working hard and helping grateful people that inspires the soul.
Missing you until your blogs fill me with love for where you are,

Abril said...

sometimes i wonder how many of the things/relationships about which i say "i wish i had time for" would come about if we didn't have internet...

Dore' said...

Hi Lisa,
Boy can I identify with your internet frustration!!!
My laptop has been down for a couple of weeks. I only had my blackberry which is totally useless for blog reading. I am now reading all your posts I missed so I can catch up with you guys.
Sending much love, Dore'

Anonymous said...

Lise, I just found your blog. fun! so good to hear your voice this morning. so glad for the time we had in pasadena some 6 months ago. love you so much!!

lisa said...

Hello Ruth!

How nice to hear from you :-) Our lunch date in Pasadena was short but oh, so sweet!

Much love from here...

Carolyn said...

Ahhhhhhh Lisa! I would SO trade my internet time for sharing life with others.....especially if it were under the stars, with a fire, in Africa. I am missing some good guacamole!

C. xx