Monday, September 10, 2007

So This is Why We're Here...

As previously mentioned, last week was a wee bit frustrating with seemingly endless internet woes, meaning that check lists of things to get done via the net were left grumpily un-checked. There's nothing like a to-do list that doesn't bare sassy pencil marks signifying the completion of even one single task to make me grind my teeth.

Friday night's calm reprieve from all that was lovely and the weekend went on into busy this and thats.

Sunday afternoon we piled into the car and bounced down to Unga. Ltd. where our Nyota FC boys were playing in the final game of a local tournament. It was a tournament for the oldest team so Skyler Russell was on the field with the guys.

Wild Hope has adopted this team and you can read more about them here.

All of this is to say that after a kind of crummy week in some regards, Sunday evening was joy. Our team shone, winning a fine 3-0 victory over the neighborhood rivals. They were photogenic in the gorgeous African light and we didn't have any cameras with us! Two cameras were left at home and the one that was brought along was out of batteries!

So let's see... how could I help you see this?

Imagine a sloping field, rutted by rain and littered with garbage that blows off the heaps at the high end. Picture a depressed neighborhood where it's not too safe to be out at night. Picture 22 young men in smart uniforms running around the pitch, avoiding the ankle breaking ditches and holes and playing their hearts out. Picture a young bull wandering away from the dumped garbage to cross the field during the game. Picture a herd of goats doing the same!

Picture crowds of kids cheering and dancing with every goal. Picture them surging onto the pitch the moment the final whistle was blown. Picture our team dancing around with the big trophy over the heads. Picture the pride and healthy self worth in the eyes of every person on that team.

Picture us all crammed into a tiny space that they use as club house. Picture their laughter and revelry as we made plans for a party at end of the week.

We pulled away into the night, leaving them together with their Cup, their joy and their finely won pride.

I'm still smiling today as I remember it all. Honestly, if we only came here for this group of guys, it would be enough for me.


Sue said...

Beautifully written, Lisa. Lovely to envision that picture of sweat, energy, joy, and triumph over the other team as well as the animals!

I especially love that God gives you these times of truly knowing why you are there and that it is enough. He powerfully needs us to be available...just available. Crazy how simple that is.
We had three soccer games ourselves and then took our family plus friends to a Galaxy game at the Home Depot to watch Jones and Klein take their team to a 3-1 win. Not one bull nor goats crossing the field. Plenty of trash was left after the game but would be promptly swept up after we left. We didn't get to crowd in the winners tent but did talk Randolph into giving a signature for Alison because it was her birthday.
Different games, players, field, and the glory probably goes on too long and becomes our own here in America. Need to keep it simple, rest in knowing it is enough, then pass on the opportunity to help others with all that we are given.

Whitney said...

I've got only one thing to say: wow! =)

Carrie said...

It is so great to see people in these difficult life circumstances escape. They forget the troubles of their home life for a minute and experience pure joy, community, and pride for a brief time. Three cheers for futbol! I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you all so you may continue to bless His African children!

jesse said...

so we beat the rolling stones?!?! and 3-0???