Tuesday, October 02, 2007

over the miles

i heard your voice
your laugh

you said familiar things
(and told me something i didn't know)

we were jovial
you had to rush

but now
pressed into my chair
i can't seem to move

how far is
ten thousand miles?


Sue said...

Lisa, Can't begin to tell you how I wish you and your Africa were here.
Love smelling the chai on my table from your part of the world. THANKS!
Love having Nelly set up home here in our house.
Thanks for sharing her with us!
Blessings on your beautiful heart this day!!!

gypsymelodies said...

the longing makes our hearts bigger... and life is richer when the blood of other people and the dirt of other places runs in our veins, even when they are far away, even we feel torn.
thank you for reminding me, these things can be so hard to remember.
you write beautifully.
thanks for the welcome. me caes bien.

Jenelle said...

please write more poems. our tired world needs them.

elise said...

jesse was trying to do crazy hand stands and things in the court yard last night. i told him quickly to please not do them on the cement in fear of him cracking his head open. i felt like a mother, and thought of this poem.

lisa said...

oh elise! i am glad there is someone there to say motherly things to jesse. jesse-boy holds to the belief that his dreads will cushion his head should he miscalculate and fall. hhhhhhhmmmmm.

a girl who collects shells said...

I enjoy your words.
I was admiring the Jackson Browne shirt Trevor was sporting the other afternoon, &he explained the story.

Jenelle said...

I am going to hug your boys for you in t-minus two days!

lisa, far away said...

Jenelly, I'm glad you will hug the boys!

Shell-girl, there's a very old post on this blog called Treasures in Old Boxes (6/7/06) about that t-shirt :-)