Friday, October 19, 2007

So I Have to Reach Real Big to Hug Them

The other day I had this sudden strange realization that (right now) our little family of six is spread out over three continents. Byron and I are here in Spain, Colin and Heather are home in Tanzania (with the outstanding Russell family,) and Jesse and Trevor are in the States. Weird!

I'm missing them all these last couple of days :-( Last night the worship started up and I immediately felt worse! Ha! Doesn't that sound bad? Well, if it's only a guitar that plays then I'm usually pretty fine. When it's guitar and djembe, I have a little melt down. It is part of the soundtrack of our lives to have Jesse, Trevor and Colin playing guitar and djembe together.

I never have the right words for musical things but I can tell you that Trevor's guitar has a rich and sparkly sound under his fingers. Jesse has graceful, strong hands on the djembe. Colin has a quick, firm but light touch on his djembe.

So I have to "get over" a rush of emotion when I hear those sounds together as it just brings up in me a longing to be with the boys. Mixed with that is the memory of many sweet times with our community in Lisbon, the Lisboa Matrix. Sigh.

And then there's Heather. I miss hearing Heather singing all through the house. She fills the airwaves with numbers from Annie and Oklahoma and Walk the Line. Oh yea!

Missing the kids is sad. But there there is ONE family member who has just turned up to fill the weekend with BIG JOY! Barbara is here! Yes, the indescribable, incomparable, excellent, wonderful, shining Baba took bus after bus all day long from Portugal yesterday to get her last night.

Imagine us with big, beaming smiles :-)


Baba said...

aren't you exageration a bit too much with the adjectives about me?!!!
Oh LIsa...
you are graciously loving ...
thank you so much...

jesse said...

no barbara...she is not.
i love you!
both of and baba!

Pam said...

Funny. I had this same realization as I followed behind heather on our trek to the source of the falls this past weekend. Wow. the bordens on 3 continents!

You might be happy to know that heather sang almost the entire way up to the source, but she also said many times, my mom is in Spain, she would have fun if she was here. Dad too.

You were missed, but I have to say, I enjoyed your little girl this weekend!