Sunday, November 11, 2007

Good Things I Liked from the Weekend

1. Bill and Tina (English by origin but residents of Portugal) arrived here on Friday night

2. The guest room was ready by the they got in (phew!)

3. Our friend, Rebecca, cried saying her vows to Patrick on Saturday

4. Patrick grinned like a crazy man throughout the entire reception

5. The last half hour of the reception turned into a spontaneous dance party that even the waiters and waitresses joined

6. I didn't break an ankle wearing heels

7. We spent long evenings on the verandah with friends

8. A Verreaux's Eagle Owl (one of the largest owls in the world) landed close by and watched us as we watched him during one of our evenings on the verandah

9. Tina reminded me why Rooibos tea is good for us and we dranks lots of cups of it

10. We ate homemade pumpkin soup with homemade whole wheat bread


alison and morgan said...

hey lisa
we've heard of the homemade pumpkin soup from you and nelly, and it sounds fantastic! i wish we could get a taste of it! yumm!
love from

alison and morgan

Carrie said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend! Pumpkin soup and homemade wheat bread...YES PLEASE!! Blessings!

Jesse said...

wait...where was the eagle owl and how close did it come???

Sue said...

rooibos tea...researching and looking how to locate! Love your friend Tina's reminder of what is good! Dance away, Lisa!

lisa said...

Jesse, we were sitting on the verandah in the candle light when he landed on top of a short power pole just in front of our garden. I caught the movement of his wings in my peripheral vision as he came down. It was dark enough that as he stood still on the pole, he looked like an extension of it. But we got the bins and had a real clear view of him because, as you know, they let in more light than the naked eye. He stayed for a while, peering into our garden and eyeing the grounds for something good to eat. Maybe he saw the new bunnies in the cage...

Sue, you can get Rooibos at Trader Joe's :-) It might be listed at Red Bush, which is Rooibos in English!

Jenelle said...

Red Bush! I should have known that! I had dear Sue scouring the internet to buy it from South Africa.