Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Friends and Family

I love this photo taken by the-girl-with-the-camera, Alexa Wan.
I love it for the warmth and joy.

Trevor and Jesse are being wrapped in welcome hugs by Dane and Carly Uhler. They were arriving for their Thursday night family/church time.

There is something really deeply good about friendships that are so life-giving and so close-as-family. These friends have known each other for many years and have something together that was forged with blood, sweat and tears... Not to mention much laughter and many good times.

But there is something else that makes this photo precious to me. You could easily trade out the actual persons in it for the parents of these four. It could very easily be me and Byron being welcomed into hugs from Marty and Carey. We also have years of friendship, forged with hard work, shared joys and miseries, goals, dreams and good times. We have broken bread together and wondered together at the mysteries of God. Though they are in Europe and we are in Africa, our friendship is not un-like what the kids share. And the kids have made our friendship richer.

What a good thing when two generations of friends are family.


Marty said...

Thank you, I love it!
Missing you guys so much, and so bummed we couldn't connect in Spain. The kids are living it out for us.
Much love,
Marty & Carey

Jenelle said...

Oh my! What a lovely photo. Maybe you could make it into a blog banner when you're feeling sentimental.

Dore said...

Such a great picture! It really could be you and Byron 20 some years ago.

zarah said...

beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

It is true, God has is raising up a generation that is establishing his kingdom now and whose bonds are like family, and it is all rooted and developed in love!

-brother of these lovely four, Derrin Schultz