Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Dreaded Joy

Jesse and Trevor will arrive here in Arusha on Monday night, December 17th. It's just over one week away!

They fly LA-Washington D.C.-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia, where they have to spend the night. ) Next morning they fly to Nairobi and THEN they take a 5 hour bus ride down to our town.

We are eager, excited, crazed little family members, waiting to throw our arms around them and kiss them to pieces.

But inside, I almost fear their return. I just don't like that their arrival is followed shortly by their departure.

My throat thickens in that awful way and my chest feels heavy at the thought of it.

I'm so glad they are grown and in college.

I so hate the number of miles between us.


Jenelle said...

I so hate it, too. I do.

But your title makes me think this post was all about your Jesse. Ha.

lisa said...

Ha ha! Just one letter off from "The Dreaded Boy."

Cindy said...

I so understand that feeling. Cherish the joy and know you are prayed for in the seperation.

Jenelle said...

(Mama need for "boy," with "joy" it still works!)

Shelley said...

Will we get another travel video???

Dore' said...

Too fun- your parents and your boys for Christmas!! I'm so happy you can all be together. What a house full of love!

Sue said...

How weird is it that LOVE can bring on thickened throats and heaviness in our chests?! Absolutely must be that we can barely even comprehend the depths of love and all that it is...GRAND...bigger than life itself...full of hope...healing in itself when given or received...amazing view into just a bit of the greatness of God that we can barely comprehend. Releasing of those we love is huge and so beyond what I want to experience...and yet He calls us to TRUST much more for me to be willing to learn!!

Trevor Borden said...

one Final and about a million plane rides away from being home!!!