Friday, January 04, 2008

Trevor, Off and Away (or My Prayers go Walkabout)

Trevor left for California today. He retraces his flightpath from Kilimanjaro to Nairobi to Rome to Washington D.C. to L.A. Bless him. It was amazing to have him here. You already know how much we don't like seeing him go. That's well documented in the posts tagged "Off to College." He goes to a good place full of good people for good reason... So, despite the sadness, we rejoice!

News from Kenya continues to shock and sadden us with at least 350 people killed during the violence. My prayers are all over the place--praying for peace in my old home, safety for dear friends, healing for other friends fighting heavy battles against cancer. And all these "serious" prayers are interspersed with little personal requests like, "Could you keep Trevor's guitar safe on the trip home?"

The Lord must wonder at me. I don't pray in priority order or by degree of seriousness. I pray as an on-going stream of consciousness conversation with someone I believe hears me.


Sue said...

Thank you for describing the way I feel my prayers are lifted out of my heart and into the ears and heart of God.
We join your serious prayers for Kenya and your requests to keep that musical guitar piece safe...we love that Trevor and lift his travels up to God for safety.
We rejoice at Nelly's safe return and deeply love the joy she brings to our house!!
Love to you as the rain poors down in Altadena.

Anonymous said...

I will join my prayers with your prayers for Kenya, for Trevor and for those who are on your heart with cancer and danger and all the rest.

It is absolutely pouring rain here in Altadena. I spent this evening strategically placing buckets all over the house to catch leaking water. I knew I had a leak or two from previous rainy days, but this rain is hammering us and I think it is time to get a new roof!!!

Sending love and hugs xoxoxo

Dore' said...

djcconsulting is me- Dore'

Darrelle said...

I can't believe how long of a journey back it is.. it must be rough that time in between having to leave home but not yet being back at school. Leaving Sunday afternoon doesn't sound so bad anymore.

All I can think about is how when I watch the news there is allot about Brittany Spears' pregnant sister and barley anything about Kenya. It breaks my heart, I just want people to know and to care. But you can't make people care I guess. All I know is my families thoughts and prayers are with those you know (and don't) who are experiencing all of this scary craziness. Let the Prince of Peace reign in Kenya right now.

(sorry this is the longest post ever).. i know what you mean about prayers though. But that is how its supposed to be, when you talk to your best friend thoughts flow and bounce and scatter. And I guess we should be real with God in the same way. In the same confidence that all of our prayers are legitimate and sincere. No matter their "level" of seriousness.
: )

God bless, Happy New Years : )

lisa said...

Sue, happy to hear Mz Nelly is home :-)

Dore' (in disguise as DJ) very sorry about your roof! Just don't lock yourself out during this storm...

Darrelle, yes, it IS such a long way. There are shorter routes (like LA-Amsterdam-Kilimanjaro) but Trevor's route was the best we could do this time.

Yes, conversations that flow, bounce and scatter... I like those... with friends, with God. So nice.

Thanks for prayers, all of you.

Dore' said...

LOL! I actually hid a key outside in case I ever get locked out again. Once is enough!!!

Trevor Borden said...

mamma, you forgot Ethiopia :) I met some nice tanzanians while I was there this time. Washington DC has been good to me :) I'm on the plane now. about to take off to LAX. the internet is reaching here. hehehe

Man I've been traveling for a while now. I'm in a really good mood though :) I just keep watching people and having fun by my little lonesome. Love you very much. Please write a book.

lisa said...

HOW could I forget Addis!!

Trevor, I will write a book only because you asked so sweetly :-)

Sue said...

Yes! A book, Lisa. That wouldn't really be too difficult for you,..would it? I know your heart is already stretched with so much.
Ahhh,...the reasons you would want to ...what it would be for...well, the thought of having your thoughts on my shelf, kinda cool. Having them in my ears and heart have been inspiriing so far. :-) said...

Our prayers are for you all, glad you had a great Christmas with all your family. We still miss Africa and are continuing to pray for you and the Russells, send them our love. We watch the news and imagine how you feel, we will keep praying. Love to you all from a wet foggy Porto

Tina said...

Glad to hear that you had a good Christmas with all your family. Love to you, including the Russell family. We watch the news and understand how you feel, we will keep praying. Lots of love from a wet and foggy Porto.

lisa said...

thanks, tina!

Brian said...

Praying for you guys and Kenya, I love Kisumu and am desperately saddened by what is happening.