Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wondering in the Rain

We had epic rainfall this afternoon. I stayed snug on our porch, looking out and wondering at the big drops as they beat against the ground.

I wondered, too, what the tortoise who lives in our garden thought of it all. He seized the moment for a stroll up and down our driveway.


Pam said...

I LOVE African rain! I also love you guys! How are you doing?

Carrie said...

Ah, beautiful African rain! I'm glad your tortoise enjoyed the stroll.

djcconsulting said...

Your tortoise is gorgeous! And he looks very happy with all the rain.

Jesse said...

i miss you so much! i miss all of you so much!
i am supposed to be writing a paper and not supposed to be using the internet for my own pleasure...but just had to for a sec.
love you all so much!
i miss you all a lot these days. ill email more later though.
hugs and kisses!

lisa said...

Jesse, missing you on this side of the globe. The Russell kids are here for the night. Seems weird to not have all the Borden and Russell kids on a night like this. xx

lisa said...

Pam, we are well except Arusha seems a little less fun without you here :-(

Brian said...

Hey Lisa, according to the BBC George Bush is visiting Arusha on his travels of Africa. You should try and grab a coffee with him

lisa said...

Good idea, Brian. He's supposed to be here on Monday. I'm just looking over my agenda to see if I can squeeze him into my day.