Friday, March 28, 2008


The boys are back in town.

Colin, (on the left and aged 14) and Chase (of the Russell fam, on right and aged 15) went off on a safari of their own. They have been planning and plotting and preparing for a long time. They took 2 forms of public transport out to a tiny town and then hiked in 5 hours to the home of a Maasai friend. They set up camp near Ole Kukan's house and did day hikes up into the hills to spy on wild life, enjoy the views and generally have great adventures like getting caught in thunder storms and the like.

My camera is on the blink so they just held up my little Mac and smiled into it right after they arrived home.

They were tired, hungry, happy and very pleased with themselves. We were extremely pleased to see them again. At one point the Land Rover they were in was briefly chased by an elephant, but they had no other terribly dramatic incidents.


Trevor Borden said...

what men

Jesse said...


Laugh Along With Me said...

This made me smile, "...briefly chased by an elephant..." Not a phrase I hear often, or you know, EVER. I think here in Dallas it would be more like, "...briefly chased by a Hummer." I'd choose the elephant.

gypsymelodies said...

I like your new blog--what is it for, specifically?

lisa said...

J&T, they've had some good role models :-)

Shelley, I think I'd choose the elephant too!

Gypsy-girl, the blog over at is one I was invited to join and my themes there are sort of social justice and global concerns.