Friday, April 04, 2008


I'm so glad it's the end of the week.


Sue said...


Jesse said...

hey mumsy! i am off to guatemala tomorrow for a week of backpacking with friends. spring break you know.
so love you all there! will miss skyping and emailing. but ill try to talk to you eventually when i return. MUCH MUCH LOVE!

Trevor Borden said...

Cheeky for sure

lisa said...

I think it's Jesse who is cheeky, leaving me a "I'm off to Guatemala note" when he had said we could skype today!

Sue said...

Yes, that silly Jesse! How do those boys think we do without them??!!
I guess I will be experiencing that next Fall...nothing to the degree your distance b/t each other puts you, though. Kenz got into one of her top choices. WooHoo!! God is gracious to give choices!!
Love you and Missing Nelly on her trip you know.
Happy end of the week. I am very happy to be beginning ours!! :)