Monday, April 07, 2008

Of Hedgehogs

I read today on the BBC that a man in New Zealand is being charged for using a hedgehog as a weapon. He threw the wee thing about 16 feet to hit a young man with whom he must have had some problem.


Another weird thing... Last night I woke up to the strangest noise. It was a squeaking screaming barking kind of thing. I asked Byron if he knew what we were hearing and he said, "It's a hedgehog, " followed by, "Charlotte!! Cut it out! Leave it alone! Charlotte!"

So I have this Jack Russell (Charlotte) that feels compelled to protect our garden from hedgehogs. Terrific. I wish she would just leave them alone. They are cute and harmless (though I hear you can contract dread diseases from them) and I don't know why the dog has developed such a strong dislike for them.

Our night guard rescues them from her. He scoops them up and tosses them over the hedge in an effort to help them escape the crazed terrier. I hope they find refuge on that side.

(Photo taken by Jesse last summer here in TZ)


Nelly said...

I never imagined hedgehogs could be so cute and cuddly. I'm pretty sure Heather's grace just makes it look so.

Sue said...

I enjoy a photo reminding me Heather is still young....even if it was taken last summer!
And yes, Heather's grace does the trick!

Anonymous said...

Last summer I ran into a woman who runs a hedgehog rescue. Really! She was at the vet and had a couple of them getting a check up. They are really adorable. I think the disease thing is you have to wash your hands after holding them because they can carry salmonella. And Heather does make Mr.Hedgehog look cuter!
Love, Dore'

gypsymelodies said...

Oh!!! Those hedgehogs are so cute! There's this picture of Jesse (probably taken that day by Heather) where he is holding one, and the lighting, and the little boy in the background... and the little guy and his nose and how he's all shy but then unfolds out of his ball. I want to hold one!!

That guy in New Zealand though--come on, man. Respect.