Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Magic Night

Tuesday night in Southern California and Trevor and the sweet Darrelle are making a tiny video message on the phone to send to yours truly, me.

Not too long later, I wake up on Wednesday morning in Tanzania and find a fresh email waiting with the video attached. Their cute faces shine with exultant expectation as they announce to me that the secret surprise date that Darrelle planned was culminating in minutes as they await the lights going down and Mr. Bruce Springsteen taking the stage.

"We're seeing Bruce Springsteen tonight and we wish you were here."

I'm so jealous I can hardly see straight. I'm so happy that Darrelle has pulled off such a great surprise. I delight in the fact that, even though the drive was over 2 hours long, Trevor never guessed where they were going until they drove up to the venue and he read the billboard. I am impressed with the excellent planning and thoughtfulness of the date.

And I'm terribly proud that I raised a boy with such good taste in music.


(PS I posted today on my Conversant Life blog about my African sisters.)


gypsymelodies said...

She's a good girl, that one.

And Lisa, it's true--you definitely have good taste in music. Props.

Nelly said...

I am thoroughly impressed that D was able to pull that off...and that she and T included you in on it! I am duly impressed.

Anonymous said...

You clearly raised Trevor with good taste in music as well as good taste in girlfriends!
xoxo, Dore'

Darrelle Good said...

it was so so so so so so so great!!! : ) and we really did wish you were there! (I guess we'll have to do it another time) : ) lovelove.