Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Again

Monday arrives in a blanket of overcast
Everyone seems a little grumpy and short
I am annoyed with a certain young girl
(Probably because she is reflecting my own mood)

But I hold onto Sunday night...

The wide dinner plate moon
Filling the clouds with back-lit luminescence
The cold air in our lungs
The little girl sitting on the edge of the driver's window
Feet in her dad's lap
Singing hymns and laughing
As she spots owls and night jars with her brother
Who hangs out of the back seat window in like manner
Our tummies full of food shared in a small mud and wattle home
Our souls full of the goodness of friendship and the blessing
Of bridging cultures together


Trevor Borden said...

i like this, sorry about the grumpyness though :) I'll be home soon

lisa said...

Yes you will! And how can we be grumpy if you are here??

Sue said...

Very cute, Trevor, who could be grumpy with your amazing smile?!

Sunday night was particularly good here. After picking up Dan from Burbank airport He and I decided to treat ourselves to bread and wine out in Old Town. :) Nice!!