Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Barf Happens

I woke up at about 2:30am to the sound of terrific retching.


Moms have good ears for these things. Dad ears are, frankly, a little faulty in this regard. (Though they are very good at listening for security alerts like the things that go bump in the night that I don't seem to hear.)

"So, anyways..." Colin was at the kitchen sink getting rid of his dinner. It was shocking how intact it still looked. It was a big bowl of spaghetti slapped into the sink and only slightly decomposed. (Sorry for the details.)

Today he is still feeling poorly. He's snoozing on the sofa, half hot and sweaty and half freezing cold.

I guess this is Colin doing some solidarity with our Nelly .


Nelly said...

Oh Colin-boy! I'm so sorry! I hope you can watch all of the movies you've been wanting to watch and all of the Cheech and Chong. (Especially Sister Mary Elephant on C + C.) Wish I could send you some gatorade.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Colin! Barfed up spagetti is an especially memorable experience.
I hope you feel better soon.
Blessings from Dore'

Sue said...

Amazing Colin! You can still look quite handsome while sleeping away the yuckies!! We hope you are back on your feet again and not spreading it to any of the other cute Bordens. :)

Yes, Lisa, the ears hear those needy ones in the middle of the night. Glad you leave the security ones for Byron. It is sweet to rest knowing those men we love will jump to protect us. Although, I think it was you who woke to the stick in the window trying to extract jeans with the hope of finding cash or keys!!

Laugh Along With Me said...

You are cracking me up..."barf happens"...poor Colin.

Carolyn said...

Oh, Lisa!! How I love the way you sneak up on your sleeping children to snatch cute photos of them. :-)