Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Too Many Programs Running...

Byron left here on Monday and I have not yet heard if he's made it to his destination. I heard from him part way through the journey, but I haven't had that, "Got here safe and sound" email yet.

So I thought I'd leave my laptop open in case he skypes and I would possibly hear it. But the computer is making me crazy cuz it's running and running--that sound it makes when it's spinning inside. Whatever that is.

Anyway, so I've decided there are too many programs open and I've shut a bunch down. Now I'm shutting the lid and going to bed.

And I realize that my head feels just the same as my Mac right now. Too many programs running.

I'm trying to figure out the ebb and flow of different visitors this summer. I'm trying to figure out how to help different ones save money in their travels. I'm trying to figure out Heather's best piano practice time and how to fit in Swahili lessons, and how to help Colin more effectively with his schooling, and when I can work out and where I'll meet Stacey tomorrow and what's going on this weekend. I'm wondering how I can be a better daughter to my parents far away and how Byron will fit in everything he has to do in LA next week and if I should order these board shorts for Colin or not.

It's just a buzz in my head like the whirring of this computer and I'm going through each program of head noise now and shutting down. I'm handing them over to the one who is so much smarter than I am and asking him for wisdom even in the night.

Did you know that the Psalms say the Lord will give us wisdom even during the night as we sleep?

Bring it on! I'm turning in.


Mandy said...

That was JUST what I needed to hear today (even if I didn't WANT to hear it)

Thank you

I hope you slept well (and woke wiser hehe)


spain dad said...

April and I comment at how often we use "computer language" now to express how we're feeling about things.

We're in the US on vacation for two weeks, so I guess you could say we're "resetting." :)

sue said...

Praying for wisdom in your sleep as I am awake. May the annoying buzz noise be gone!!
Love to you,

Baba said...

shantii shantii :-) may this words sink into your mind and heart... and probably bring you a smile on your face :-)

gypsymelodies said...

Oh, give Stacey (Williams?) a big hug for me. She is lovely.

Tehur Simmons said...

I have been feeling exacly the same way, so when I read it it was like you were putting into words exacly how I was feeling...and maybe in a way like someone said it I didnt want to hear it but it made me good to hear it. I love your photo for friday:) Have a great

Jesse Borden said...

mom i am back safe from the island! very fun and very relaxing. homework was snorkeling and looking at fish!!!!!
tell stacey hi and give her a hug for me. maybe more to come soon. pray for us. we start a 15 hr prayer room tomorrow. i hope it goes longer.