Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy Being Happy

It's been quiet on the blog because I've been too busy to write...

Busy running back and forth to the shuttle drop-off, collecting various vagabond family members (and their friends.)

Busy hugging and smiling.

Busy trying to remember how to cook proportions that meet college-boys eating habits.

Busy keeping up with the dishes.

Busy making more pots of tea to accompany more conversations.

Did I mention busy smiling?

Now I'm tired, tired, tired. Not from all those good things to be busy with. No, I"m tired because it's 11pm and I've been peeling and slicing bananas for the last 90 mins with my husband who has gone completely round the bend with drying fruit. This fun little domestic project has turned him into a madman.

Never mind.


Sue said...

Don't you just love that Madman of yours,...that Eggman of yours that brings you what you need just in time?! Apparently, he will be bringing you dried bananas!! :)
Loving your happy smiles and praying for energy in your exhausted body!! Love and hugs to you!

Pam said...

I love all the fun you are having! I would LOVE to see pictures of your smiling family enjoying these days together!

nelly rose said...

Heaps of dried bananas! Everyone needs a secret emotional stress/excitement reliever, I suppose. Better than going bananas.

Carrie said...

I love that you're smiling and I am smiling along with you! Hope you have a blissfully restful few days full of more smiles and happiness!

jesus gypsies said...

Hi Lisa! We sure do miss you guys :) I wanted to email you, but for the life of me I cannot find your email address!!! Please email us when you get a chance, thanks! Love ya guys, Linda

i am elise witek said...

please tell your house guests (family and friends) that i love them.

i wish i was there sipping tea and enjoying byron's obsessive banana drying.