Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Euro 2008 is in full swing and it makes our whole family miss those passionate and crazy times on warm summer nights when we would watch the games, be they Euro Cup or World Cup.

We love Africa but we miss the way Europe felt during those days.

Portugal beat the Czech Republic 3-1 tonight.
Well done, little Portugal. Joga Bonito.


Adam Gonnerman said...

One thing I don't miss about Brazil would be World Cup. I have nothing against the sport or competition, and generally appreciate the nearly patriotic fervor people have while their country is playing, but I was in Brazil when they played against Germany. I'm pale and blonde, and everywhere I went I took verbal abuse. They treated me like I was German, one of their rivals.

tehur Simmons said...

Oh yes what a game and what a party! I had so much fun today, I am sureColin would have loved it.
Missing you

lisa said...

Adam, that would be pretty awful. Brazil is a little over the top with the their football passion!

Tehur! We pictured all our friends having a great time and yes, Colin would have LOVED being there!

Sue said...

MacKenzie texted us from Canada to ask if we were watching the games. She is able to walk down to a pub and catch the very exciting games. Reminds me of Colin and his days in pasadena at the pub. WooHoo to Portugel!!

Sue said...

Opps..that would be Portugal. Need to get to bed!! Nelly's very cute parents arrived tonight. :) On with the graduation!!