Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back from Beyond

We returned on Sunday night from a week outside.

I can't possibly tell you how good it was for my soul to be in the remote Loita hills, sleeping in my little tent, making tea over the fire and living under the open sky for days on end.

We visited in many homes and drank gallons of chai and caught up with many Maasai friends. We also hiked the hills, walked in the river, stalked elephants, watched the sun rise and set, bathed in the stream and slept soundly in the brisk night air. We sat around the fire every evening and generally felt overcome by the goodness of Creation and her maker.

Quiet now, Lisa. There is no way to convey the strength and joy and beauty of the week.

A photo log to come soon.

I promise.

( PS The "we" included 6 of us Bordens plus 1 Darrelle Good!)

Photos by Jesse Borden


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you all each and every day this week! I can not wait to hear more... keep sharing! we love you. -Jill

nelly rose said...

I cannot wait, either! verily verily I say!

Shelley said...

I've been wondering where you were...welcome home! I always look forward to pictures, especially yours (or Jesse's).
Hugs, Shelley

Carrie said...

Pictures of Loita always bring a lump into my throat! Can't wait to see her beauty again through your camera! Glad you had a good time. Any chance you ever get to see Daniel Ole Mesinka?

lisa said...

Carrie, Ole Mesenka came to our camp and spent the afternoon, evening and night with us. So wonderful to see him! He's still just about the nicest person you could ever hope to meet. Some grey hair around the edges and the same twinkly eyes :-)

elise witek said...

tell dare that i love her and miss her. but also tell that to the whole borden clan. i really miss you guys.

lisa said...

Yes, Elise, I will pass your messages on to all. We love and miss you too.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a wonderful time.The pictures are great!
xoxox, Dore'