Monday, June 16, 2008


Darrelle Good has a lot of great nicknames but the one I like best is the one Jesse uses... "D. Goodness."

Yep, pretty much sums it up.

We've had a really fun few weeks with "Goodness" here.

Darrelle and Trevor left this morning for Nairobi and she'll catch a Tuesday morning flight to London and then on to Denver.

I have to say that everyone felt pretty sad waving her off as Byron drove them up to the shuttle in the ancient and deadly cool Landrover.

We're missing you here, Ms. Goodness :-)

(Photos by Jesse Borden)


Jesse Borden said...

yes was fun. will miss you until we meet again. much goodness lies ahead and we shall share an awesome year soon enough!
peace and love sister!

c.melissa said...

oh, that beauty:) jesse, your eye for photographs is becoming very good.

Anonymous said...

D-Goodness is a really beautiful Westmont girl! Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Much love, Dore'

Darrelle said...

: ) making me get all emotional lisa!

miss you guys too. love from london.
(danget i wish i didnt have to leave!!)

Dave Carrol said...

hey cool blog... found it through chris jones blog

bless ya!