Thursday, June 19, 2008

Boys and Girls (or Sometimes Byron and I Don't Get Each Other)

I have one "nice" lipstick. I have a couple of cheaper lip gloss things, but one nice "real" lipstick in a pretty silver case.

It fell out of my pocket on Sunday and I didn't know it. I spent a lot of time throughout the morning checking my various pockets (in my jeans, in my sweatshirt, in my down vest and through my purse) but I never found it.

As we drove away from the event we were at, I commented on my lost lipstick and something very strange came to light. Byron had found the lipstick but, "because it was closer to the car beside us than to our car," he had assumed it belonged to "some lady" in that other car and he had put in on their windscreen, held down by the wiper blade.

I was shocked and appalled. Could he not recognize a "special" lipstick when he saw one and would it not occur to him to first ask his wife if it was hers?

Apparently not.

Wednesday was a busy morning as our household multi-tasked in a major way. People were running in and out to errands and all manner of things and I needed to dash up to town to get some meat before I then dashed to the shuttle to collect my dear friend, Dana, and her 2 kids who were arriving from California to stay with us.

Byron had been doing some things on the car. I don't know what except that it involved the compressor. He then zipped off on the motorcycle to accomplish some errand, leaving me the car which he knew I needed now to make my run to town.

I ran outside and Trevor closed the hood for me and off I went.

I was standing in the butchery when Byron called. "Where are you? Are you with the car?" I thought the car was with me but I said yes. "And where is the air filter?" he asked.. "It's here on the grass!" he answered himself. Byron wondered, rather loudly, if I knew that an open hood MEANS something.

Apparently not. And he was shocked and appalled.

Now, I'm not saying that all girls know how to recognize a good lipstick or that all boys know what an open hood means. I'm really not. But it did occur to me that we have very few moments of totally not getting each other and these 2 little incidents certainly left the both of us stumped by the other.

BTW, I called Tammy, who was still at Sunday's event, from the car and told her where Byron had left my lipstick and she actually found and retrieved it for me. And the Land Cruiser Engine survived it's spin around town all naked and filter-less.

All is again well.


Carrie said...

I could have driven with the air filter on the seat next to me and not known it was missing! The beauty of this post is that the "not getting each other" is rare enough to warrant its own blog entry. Sweet that you are in sync enough that these events were baffling.

Sensuous Wife said...

I have to laugh because, well, I'm married, so I have more than a few examples of this. When it happens to you, it's exasperating. When it happens to someone else, it's funny. We laugh cause we "get it".

Men and women are different.
and wow is it fun sometimes. and wow is it annoying sometimes.

I'm so glad to have found your blog. Janice over at Grace Expectations sent me.

Carolyn said...

Yes, me too, I laughed and laughed when I read this; also because I get it, but also because I agree with Carrie, it is so unusual to think of you two being out of synch and not getting each other. It also made me laugh to think of Byron saying, "Some lady".....ha ha! Actually, I'm kind of wondering why Trevor didn't say something about the air filter not being on the car? (Not that I want to get him into trouble...) Thanks, Lisa, for writing this.